Bioseptic Tank for Hospitals

bio septic tank in Coimbatore


We look for the benefit of the entire society; our next level to develop the society from hazardous disease is in Hospitals. We do our service all over Tamilnadu. Our team is available at any spot of Tamilnadu for the working on the bio septic tanks as well as the welfare of society.

                           “BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO     

                              SEE IN THE ENVIRONMENT”.


There are several people who are suffered by disease and many are visiting the patients, doctors, nurses, etc… they use toilets, they waste is concluded at few septic tanks. It takes time for decay. Labours are needed to clean the tank and the people who clean the tanks will also get affected. Sometimes the tank may over flow and the vast surrounding will get affected. Instead of using septic tanks, bio septic tanks will solve such problems which are faced by the surrounding.


The entire waste in bio-cleanser is up to 99.9% but other toilets are capable of 30%. The models we do are of two types, they are collection and evaporation tanks. In the collection tank the waste is collected along with the help of pipelines and it is connected to evaporation where it is stored in ground water. The models we do are non- corroded for life time.


There is no overflow and the ground water level of pollution is prevented. Contamination of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches are prevented. Set up and maintainace is easy. Cost is low. The range of sanitation is also high percent and this type of waste is also decayed and made cleared by using this tanks. Placing these tanks in hospitals will also reduce the infection ratio the patients and the visitors. There is no bad smell in toilets and it is organic in nature.